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And The Journey Begins

April 20, 2010

Our first day out searching for the new member of our family went very well!

Here are a few snapshots documenting the process!

We started our journey by visiting the nearest RV seller to see what our options were so that we could figure out what everyone in the family preferred.  I was totally surprised at how many options there were!

Class A, Class C, Fifth Wheel, Toy Hauler, and the list goes on and on and on!


Once we figured out what we were looking for, we made a few calls and set up appointments to see some good ole’ Craigslist people!  Yes we are addicted to Craigslist!

We were back on the road again dreaming, driving and well just plain goofing off!


We met the neatest family that gave my kiddos a lesson in Tadpole life and even sent us home with a dozen of them…


A few more appointments today.. hoping to find our perfect match!!


Hello world!

April 19, 2010

We Are… That Crazy Family!

Join us on an adventure of figuring out what it really means to have the world as our classroom!

Currently this blog is in process of being developed but you can also find me here.. A Homeschool Adventure